Psalm 134

“Who stand nightly in the house of Adonai …” (134:1)

For those who want to build a strong spiritual core, there is no substitute for doing the hard work of prayer, study, and meditation, along with taking care of their physical self with good nutrition and exercise. This is a daily regimen of spirit-building, training themselves to be aware of their place in the world as beings created in the image of God. Goodness and connectedness do not come naturally, but only over time do they develop an innate sense of what is right and true.

Psalm 80

“You cleared a place for it.” (80:10)

When we have a messy work space and want to set out some papers or books for a new project, we need to clear a place. The same thing is true for our minds. When our minds are crowded and occupied with projects, concerns, fears, and plans, we don’t have room to focus on the immediate things that are in front of us. We need to pause for a few moments and focus on taking several calming breaths to clear our mind so we have the space to pay attention to that which is right before our eyes.