On the Death of An Enemy

What do you do and say when your enemy falls?

Do you follow the advice of Proverbs 24:17, ” If your enemy falls, do not exult; If he trips, let your heart not rejoice?”
Or do you follow the advice of Proverbs 11:10, ” When the wicked perish there are shouts of joy.”

Do you follow the practice of the Pesah seder and spill drops of wine and tears over the loss of life?
Or do you sigh with relief that a man dedicated to evil and death has been eliminated from our world?

Do you bless God, the righteous judge?
Do you bless God who breaks the enemy and humbles the arrogant?

Did you rejoice, or would you have rejoiced on this day 66 years ago when Hitler’s death was announced?
Did you take a breath in wonder at the coincidence of Osama Bin Laden’s death on that anniversary, on the oh-so-grim day that we remember the Shoah?

Along with that sign of relief and that grateful breath, let me just say that I am grateful to our President and our armed forces for their persistence. May it be understood as a message to Islamic fascists that attacks against our country will not go unpunished.

One thought on “On the Death of An Enemy

  1. As the father of an American soldier who is fighting this enemy in a hostile land along side a hostile “ally”, I have no regret in the joy and pride I have in these soldiers who completed this tireless task and eliminated a monster who would stop at nothing to see the destruction of America and Israel, and of course, the Jewish people as a whole. It was not America who declared war on Islam, it was Islamist Facists who declared war on us. This is a just war. We as a nation, were attacked by illegal combatants who wear no uniform of any Nation, but declare this to be a war justified by their “God”. For us to survive as a nation, both here and in Israel, good men must perform violent acts against evil people with extreme prejudice. When we are successful as a nation in our endeavor to survive and remain free, I will be joyful and I will take great pride in the success of our soldiers who represent us as a nation. May G-d bless America! Hooah!!!


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