Psalm 3

Adonai, my foes are so many! Many are those who attack me. (3:2)

Foes can be both those things which attack us on the outside, such as difficult bosses, co-workers, and customers, and the things that attack us on the inside, such as the demons that pick away at our self-confidence and self-worth. They might be the demons whispering in your ear that no one cares about you, no one listens to you —  not your children, your wife, or your so-called friends.

When the foes, external and internal, are attacking and things are going wrong, it seems like there is no solution. Creditors are calling, bills are due, the car needs unexpected and expensive repairs, a puddle appears under the refrigerator. We are stuck in a downward spiral and it doesn’t matter what we do, because no matter what, something else goes wrong. Every choice seems to lead to the same disastrous consequences.

How many people react to difficult situations by sticking their head in the sand and pretending that the problems don’t exist? Just as running away from signs of physical problems and refusing to see a doctor usually doesn’t make the problem heal itself, running away from other problems rarely works. Seeking medical attention and undergoing proper treatment earlier rather than later might cause short term suffering but relieve long term problems. The solution is to face the challenges and make decisions from strength and wisdom rather than fear and impulse. Not all immediate consequences will be positive, but in the long term, making wise decisions will lead to stable consequences.

The only guarantee in life is that there are no guarantees. There will always be problems and challenges, and it is a guarantee that something will go wrong. If you know this, however, you can take the ups and downs with equanimity, not letting the low points distort your wisdom.

One thought on “Psalm 3

  1. I like this, i know enemies come many way, like being sick and lots pain in me, and I’m going to try more to have strength and wisdom for helping my self more and not have fear. this is a good book and I really like this. thank you.


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