Psalm 5

“But I, with abundant love for you, enter Your house …” (5:8)

When we enter God’s house, it is as if we pass through a force field. On the outside, there is the world, loud, crowded, uncaring, indifferent. On the inside, there is warmth, quiet, enveloping love. A synagogue (or church, for that matter) is often considered to be a place of refuge and sanctuary. It is supposed to be a safe place, where we can leave behind the masks and shields that protect us in the wider world and just be ourselves within a supportive community.

There is actually no difference between the physical outside and the physical inside space. The difference is us.

When we enter a sacred place, we enter with love. We know it is supposed to be a place of love, so we might take special care to behave with love. Our love reflects off the other worshippers, and it becomes a place of love.

The Mezuzah on the doors of our home is not a magical amulet of protection. It will not stop a hurricane or tornado or fire or robber. What it does is remind us that the home is equally sacred as a synagogue. Both contain Torah, both contain God’s presence.

You’ve had a hard day and finally arrived home. You stop on the threshold of your door and notice the mezuzah. When you walk through the door, to be greeted with chaos, problems, emptiness or loneliness, take a moment to gather us your love – remember, this too us a sacred place, God’s house.

One thought on “Psalm 5

  1. I know sometime I have a hard time and when I go to Synagogue I can be feeling lots of love and like i am in G-d house and with a lot of family there. Sometime I feel warm inside me and lots of the people there are very caring for me and other people. I think Psalm 5 is good and i really like it a lot and at home sometime I feel sad and get lonely but I can feel happy and know I am in G-d presence too.


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