Psalm 117

Praise Adonai, all nations; extol God, all peoples, for God’s love powers us and the truth of Adonai is forever. Hallelujah. (117)

This is the shortest Psalm in the book, only two verses, one sentence. I have translated more literally than most translations. The Psalmist calls on all people to praise God whose love is the battery which provides the energy powering our lives. He also subtly acknowledges that not all people acknowledge this truth as he asserts that nonetheless, the truth of this statement endures forever.

Some of religious faith feel called to witness their faith to those of another faith or to non-believers. We might find this annoying or even insulting, but I have found that simply saying I am not interested and walking away is effective. I am not terribly bothered by such people because I know they are motivated by a sincere belief in God, although a belief that I find un-compelling.

I am more bothered by the non-theists who belittle my faith and the faith of other God-believers. While believers tend to take a positive approach, arguing why I should believe in something I do not believe in, non-believers tend to take a negative approach, arguing that my beliefs are false. Their motivation is a desire to tear down rather than to build up. Why do they care so much what I believe? Why can’t they take a ‘live and let live’ attitude. From what I’ve experienced, they not only believe that faith in God is wrong, but that it is actually evil.

“The truth of Adonai is forever,” concludes the Psalmist. The life-force that drives the human being is powered by God’s love. It doesn’t matter what they, either the evangelicals or the non-theists, say. In the end, God’s truth is powerful enough to encompass my faith, their faith, and even non-faith.

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