Psalm 63

“The mouth of liars will be stopped up.” (63:12)

We might tell a lie to avoid making ourselves look bad. A successful lie is an ego boost, causing the spotlight of adoration to swing our way. Lying becomes habitual when we feed our ego a series of little lies. The now overfed ego can no longer survive on a normal humble diet, but demands constant stroking and feeding. At this point, bending the truth is a way of life and we no longer notice whether people believe us or not; we thrive on the volume of their attention. The solution — close up the mouth, turn off the lies, and starve the ego into submission.

One thought on “Psalm 63

  1. Once your whole life is based on lies, you feel you can no longer trust even those that tell the truth. Eventually your life becomes meaningless. Your a cheat.You can fool members of a comunity, but you can’t fool your Creator. What’s done in the dark, will always come to light.


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