Psalm 69

“I am sinking into the slimy deep without a foothold.” (69:3)

I want, I need, give me … the unchecked ego makes demands, and we respond by behaving as if we are the center of everyone’s universe. Laziness, greed, envy, anger, pride, these moral deficiencies are all the result of an untamed ego. The bad behavior resulting from ego becomes habitual, it’s like quicksand into which one slowly sinks. The further one goes down the path of ego-driven habitual behavior, the harder it is to extract ourselves from the bad habits. The lesson – embrace humility as a central value and you will find that the demanding voice of the ego will fade to a whisper.

One thought on “Psalm 69

  1. Pity the person who has arrogance. They only make unwarranted claims to superior importance in life,business & community. As S. Freud said,” The ego is not master in it’s own house.”


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