Psalm 73

“I was stupid, without knowledge.” (73:22)

The first and most important step towards becoming a wise and discerning person is to realize what you don’t know. “A shy person does not learn,” teaches Pirke Avot 2:6. It is only through acknowledging your limitations and asking questions that you gain knowledge. It takes courage to say that you don’t know the answer rather than stupidly bluffing your way down a blind alley. In the end, the long term benefit of gaining knowledge outweighs the short term embarrassment of admitting ignorance.

One thought on “Psalm 73

  1. One thing I found out in life, if you ask someone who knows about a subject you don’t. He will share every once of knowledge on that subject he can. You learn and he’s happy to have shared and taught.You both win. Thank You Rabbi K


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