Psalm 76

“He cuts off the breath of princes.” (76:13)

We all die, rich and poor, celebrity and unknown, powerful and vulnerable. This is true in a narrow sense, that every human being is mortal with a limited life span. However, this does not mean we all live out our allotted years. Wealth buys better health care, which extends life. People living in poverty often eat a less healthy diet, lack easy access to basic preventative health care, live in a less healthy environment, and cannot afford life-extending medications and treatment for serious illness. If we achieve a world in which both paupers and princes both live out their maximum genetically determined life span, we will see the coming of the Messiah.

One thought on “Psalm 76

  1. I must quibble. “Wealth buys better health care, which extends life.” Not in America! People eat at MacDonald’s because they can afford to. If they had less money, they would be preparing beans and brown rice at home – which are cheaper and healthier. Obesity is the curse of modern prosperity and a direct outcome of it. The only political solution is less welfare, less government benefits, less food stamps. Of course, the only spiritual solution is the coming of the Messiah, who will also end this Liberal/Progressive insanity that we now endure. Just a little quibble!


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