Psalm 93

“The ocean sounds its thunder.” (93:3)

Those of us who spend our lives on dry land enjoy the sense of moving about on a surface which moves so slowly as to be imperceptible most of the time. It doesn’t take too much time on a small boat to realize that most of the surface of the planet is literally fluid, moving about in somewhat predictable but generally uncontrollable ways. It is a great metaphor for the human life. We want to live in stable, controlled environments, but every once in a while the ocean roars and overturns our carefully constructed lives. At that point, all we can do is hang on and ride the wave.

One thought on “Psalm 93

  1. Thank you, a beautiful and timely reminder of the instability of material existence; and definite recognition of G/D as Creator of the forces keeping our world together, partnering with us to sustain creative and compassionate actions.




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