Psalm 106

“They grumbled in their tents.” (106:25)

When my wife complains to me about something that happened in the supermarket, at work, or with the kids, she feels better. I don’t have to do anything. Simply by listening attentively, I can enable her to off-load the frustration. However, I have trouble refraining from trying to fix the problem and suggesting what she could have done or might yet do. I want to take action because “grumbling in the tent,” only soothes the complainer, it doesn’t make the rest of the world any better. On the other hand, I remind myself, if attentive listening alone makes a happier wife which leads to a happier me and a measurable increase in world happiness. So I shut up and listen.

One thought on “Psalm 106

  1. We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak.Epictetus and if you want to eat that night,smile and say nothing. Pat W


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