Psalm 123

“I lift my eyes.” (123:1)

The eyes of those walking on the way, those sitting in coffee houses, and those waiting for busses, are enslaved to the screens in their hands. The eyes of couples eating together, young people at parties, and parents at the playground with their children, are servants of their hand-held devices. We lift our eyes to you, O God; our eyes are fixed upon our companions, our children, the glorious sunsets, mountains, and fall colors of your world.

One thought on “Psalm 123

  1. Well said Rabbi. It is so distressing to enter a coffee bar or airport lounge and there is conversational silence. No hubbub, interaction, or energy. Slaves indeed. Distance vision is being compromised through lack of engagement according to my optometrist. Engagement with the natural visual beauty around us. We’re on a slippery slope. “I too will lift mine eyes unto the hills…”


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