Psalm 34

“… to cut off their memory from the earth. (34:17)

When I get to the end of my life, I’d like to have made a difference. I know it’s not reasonable to think that 50 years after my death I will be remembered as anything other than a name, and after another 50 years, probably not even that, so my goal is modest. I’d like to be remembered for something for a generation or two. Having children is one way to guarantee that your memory will not be immediately cut off. Having the means to leave a financial legacy such as a named endowment fund or family foundation is another way. If it is within your power, how do you want to be remembered?

2 thoughts on “Psalm 34

  1. I’d like to be remembered as a person who had a sense of humor, who’d tell a joke, get a giggle and make a person, for a minute, forget their problems. After all, laughter, is the best medicine. My buddy, Harry, says I’m silly, what a compliment.


  2. My line will die when my son does. That any of my nephews or nieces remember me now is surprising, and if even one of my verses ever becomes part of our culture I’ll have done better than I have any right to.

    But perhaps something I’ve done, written or said will change a life enough that it will continue.

    I’d like that.

    Whoever saves one life …


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