Psalm 35

“Let them be as chaff in the wind.” (35:5)

A person who has no strong ideas, beliefs, opinions, or goals avoids a great deal of conflict. It can be wonderfully stress-free just to be agreeable to whatever. If the breezes of public opinion change, you change. No intense thought needed, no great conflict generated. However, remember the rule of the kite! In order for the kite to stay aloft, it needs to resist the wind. In order for you to reach your full human potential, you need to embrace a set of core beliefs that will guide your life. During difficult moments when you find yourself in conflict, your core beliefs will lift you and keep you rising and moving forward.

One thought on “Psalm 35

  1. That’s really good Rabbi. Perfect for me right now, dealing with conflict in a Club I belong to. I will be using your kite reference. Actually that’s a truly appropriate aphorism for all thinking people to stand against the current political winds that potentially damage the freedoms fought so hard for in the past.


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