Psalm 38

“I walk about in gloom all day long.” (38:7)

Winnie the Pooh’s friend Eeyore is a poster child, as it were, for depression. He is sometimes portrayed, in the spirit of the Li’l Abner character Joe Btfsplk, going about with a rain cloud over his head. Normal dips of unhappiness can be banished by adopting a smile or a good attitude and perhaps by devoting yourself to service of others. The rain cloud of clinical depression, however, can’t be chased away simply by pretending it isn’t there. There is no shame in seeking help in dispersing clouds of gloom that linger, week after week, and that interfere with your ability to engage in normal living activities.

One thought on “Psalm 38

  1. Having mental health problems still has a stigma attached to it. If you’re a little “off” folks tend to take one step back. Say you had cancer, they embrace you. I speak from experience.


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